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  • Blockchain in Healthcare: Your Guide to Blockchain’s Role in Healthcare Equity April 19, 2019
    Healthcare information should be the most protected information. Healthcare companies have access to social security numbers, names, birth dates, and much more. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is the industry that suffers the most from security breaches, in terms of costs. Healthcare breaches are said to cost $380 per patient breach which is 2.5 times the global average. So how…
  • How Placing Patient Records On Blockchain Can Improve Continuity of Care April 19, 2019
    When you think about your patients and your medical facility, you cannot help but feel pressure. Pressure to protect their data. And pressure to protect their health. Unfortunately, your current medical record setup may actually be working against you, causing you more harm than good. But that’s where blockchain comes in. That’s right. Blockchain. While…
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