Dr. David Kerr MD FRCPE

Director of Research & Innovation @ Sansum Diabetes Research Institute

Dr. David Kerr is Director of Diabetes Research and Innovation at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, USA.

Dr. Kerr previously worked as Consultant Physician at the Bournemouth Diabetes and Endocrine Centre located at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, UK. He is also Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Southampton, and Visiting Professor at Bournemouth University in the UK.

Previously Dr. Kerr created and launched www.DiabetesTravel.org and www.Excarbs.com, free online resources for people with diabetes, and is the clinical lead for a major project focusing on understanding the genetic, biological, behavioral, psychological and societal influences on cardio-metabolic health for Latino families in the United States (www.MilFamilias.com).

A Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Dr. Kerr has also held a Gold Clinical Excellence Award from the UK National Health Service (NHS) and in 2017 was given the prestigious Leadership Award by the Diabetes Technology Society. In 2018 he was recognized as being in the “Top 50 in Digital Health in the US”.

You can follow him on Twitter at @GoDiabetesMD.