June 14, 2018

The Offices of Morrison & Foerster, LLP | 250 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019

The first “evidence-based” blockchain healthcare summit.

Coordination of care. The patient experience. Identity & privacy. Clinical trials. Collaboration throughout the healthcare ecosystem. These are the overarching challenges today’s payer and provider markets face as the drive for quality, access and cost management only increased.

One technology in particular has leapt to the forefront in terms of the transformative promise it offers healthcare professionals.

Blockchain offers providers and patients greater security in communication and increased consistency across visits and treatments. Blockchain offers the pharmaceutical industry and its regulators a reliable way of tracing the sources of medications and keeping track of the testing process behind them. Insurers can rely on Blockchain to help simplify adjustments, billing, and claims.

No matter which of these categories you fall into, The Blockchain for Healthcare Opportunity Summit offers you the speakers, content, and insights needed to capitalize on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies. You will leave this event ready to provide increased value and security to your customers, clients, and stakeholders.


Chain Reaction Blockchain Healthcare Summit will bring you some of today's most compelling and sought after thought-leaders with a proven record of leadership and innovation across the healthcare continuum.


CHAIR: Ashish Atreja, MD

Chief Tech. Engagement & Innov. Officer

Mt. Sinai Hospital


Munther Baara

Head of New Clinical Paradigm



Suzanne Belinson

Executive Director

Blue Cross Blue Shield


Stephen Derbis

Director, Innovation Development

Anthem Insurance


Wesley Donohoe

VP, Product

One Medical Group


Daniel Durand

Chairman & VP, Clinical Strategy

Lifebridge Health


Lou Ferrara

Blockchain & AI Corporate Advisor


Basker Gummadi, MS, PMP, PgMP

Blockchain & Innovation Lead

Bayer Healthcare


Ahmed Hassoon

Research Associate & Scientific Project Manager

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


David Houlding

Director, Healthcare, Privacy & Security

Intel Health & Life Sciences


Kate Merton


Johnson & Johnson


Pradeep Pujari

Machine Learning Engineer



Ravi Seshadri

VP Technology/CTO Provider Solutions

Amerisource Bergen


Giles Ward


Hashed Health

Chain Reaction: Blockchain Healthcare Summit will provide attendees with access to the latest digital trends through real world applications and case-studies.

Additionally, the Summit will draw from cross-industry use cases in customer-facing applications that can be used to inspire or drive solutions unique to the healthcare industry.

Incorporate Blockchain Technology to Enhance Service & Operations

Learn how to protect patient identity, trust & care with blockchain technology.

Data Interoperability & Security Potential

Explore how to manage clinical trials data & electronic medical records while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Building a Patient-centric Healthcare Ecosystem

Examine how blockchain is transforming the patient experience.


Inspiring Presenters


Impactful Sessions


Expected Attendees

Who Should Attend?

Chain Reaction: Blockchain Healthcare Summit will be an invitation-only event for senior executives involved in:

  • Biotechnology

  • Health Care Technology

  • Hospital Systems

  • Insurance

  • Medical Devices

  • Pharmaceutics

  • Regulation


*Agenda is subject to change.

Breakfast & Registration


Chair’s Opening Remark

Our chair will lay the groundwork for how we will provide an evidence-based exploration of Blockchain applications for the healthcare community.
  • Ashish Atreja, Chief Technology Engagement & Innovation Officer, Mt Sinai Hospital


Opening Session: The Future of Digital Identities for Health Care purposes

Developing unified digital identities for each patient helps every participant in the healthcare system. Patients benefit because they can own and track their own healthcare information. Payers benefit because they can track the behavior and health data about their clients. Providers benefit because all the details of a given patient are at their fingertips for every interaction. Pharmaceutical companies and scientists benefit because patients can easily opt-in to sharing their data for clinical research purposes. Deloitte has led interactive working groups to discuss the best process for using Blockchain to support unified digital identities and will share their learnings.
  • Munther Baara, Director, Clinical Innovation, Pfizer


Profit Potential of Blockchain Healthcare Initiatives

In order to roll out an innovative technology, you first have to create an environment that encourages and supports organizational innovation. J&J has built a series of “Jlabs” around the country that provide spaces and resources for creative employees to explore the true value that blockchain technology offers for major healthcare organizations.
  • Katherine Merton, Head JLabs, Johnson & Johnson


Blockchain for Increased Trust in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials play a huge role in pharmaceutical approvals and access. These trials, however, have a history rife with lack of repeatability, unclear processes and inaccurate documentation. Blockchain can help streamline and secure the complex series of steps involved in conducting and sharing the results of clinical trials.
  • Basker Gummadi, Blockchain and Innovation Lead, Bayer


Networking Break


Panel: Collaboration and Cooperation Strategies

In order for the healthcare industry to take advantage of the full transformative potential of Blockchain Technology, the various players need to coordinate efforts and collaborate in creating initiatives. Our speakers will come together to discuss how to foster cross-company cooperation and communication.
  • Munther Baara, Director, Clinical Innovation, Pfizer
  • Basker Gummadi, Blockchain and Innovation Lead, Bayer
  • Katherine Merton, Head JLabs, Johnson & Johnson


Seamless Integration of Blockchain with IoT and AI

Blockchain is only one piece in the digital transformation puzzle for Healthcare professionals. Only when you sync your blockchain efforts with your IoT and AI initiatives to you unlock the full potential of all of these technologies.
  • David Houlding, Director, Healthcare, Privacy & Security, Intel


Networking Luncheon


Panel: Perfecting the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

The efficiency and security of your supply chain can determine the success of every other part of your business. One bad player, one tampered with medication, one lost shipment can each fully disrupt patient safety and/or public trust in your brand. Blockchain can protect against these risks when implemented thoughtfully.


Smart Contracts for Healthcare Professionals

Smart Docs allow you to simultaneously define the rules and penalties around a given contract while also automating enforcement of those limitations. In the healthcare space, smart documents, offer a newly secure way to prescribe drugs, agree to treatment plans and/or establish a supply chain relationship.
  • Morrison Foerster


Blockchain as the Frontline for Fraud Defense

The secure and traceable tracking offered by distributed ledger provides new protections against multiple types of Fraud. Whether your concerns are fake products being snuck into the supply chain, inaccurate reporting from pharmaceutical studies or tampering with medical records, blockchain offers a new frontier of Fraud Defense.
  • Ravi Seshadri, VP Technology/CTO Provider Solutions, AmerisourceBergen


Networking Break


Empowering Patients through Data Ownership

Emerging technologies and simplified genetic testing tools have put more personal biological data into the hands of patients than ever. In the course of gathering this personal information, however, who else gains ownership of your data? How can Blockchain empower patients in the course of their own data ownership? These questions amongst others will be discussed in the course of this discussion.
  • Suzanne Belinson, Executive Director, Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Daniel Durand, VP, Clinical Strategy, LifeBridge Health
  • Wes Donohoe, VP, Product, One Medical


Claims Adjustment & Billing Simplification

The U.S. gets a lot of flack for our national healthcare spending. One of the reasons for the inflation of costs is the complicated billing system connected with a multi-payer reality. Attaching medical billing to a distributed ledger could promise a less convoluted and costly healthcare future.


Innovating Responses to Diagnostic Errors

  • Ahmed Hassoon, Research Associate & Scientific Project Manager, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


Closing Remarks

  • Ashish Atreja, Chief Technology Engagement & Innovation Officer, Mt Sinai Hospital


Networking Reception


Summit Concludes



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Join a cross-industry group of Blockchain leaders as we share strategies for securing the future of Healthcare.

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