June 15, 2019

New York, NY


The first “evidence-based” blockchain healthcare summit.

Coordination of care. The patient experience. Identity & privacy. Clinical trials. Collaboration throughout the healthcare ecosystem. These are the overarching challenges today’s payer and provider markets face as the drive for quality, access and cost management only increased.

One technology in particular has leapt to the forefront in terms of the transformative promise it offers healthcare professionals.

Blockchain offers providers and patients greater security in communication and increased consistency across visits and treatments. Blockchain offers the pharmaceutical industry and its regulators a reliable way of tracing the sources of medications and keeping track of the testing process behind them. Insurers can rely on Blockchain to help simplify adjustments, billing, and claims.

No matter which of these categories you fall into, The Blockchain for Healthcare Opportunity Summit offers you the speakers, content, and insights needed to capitalize on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies. You will leave this event ready to provide increased value and security to your customers, clients, and stakeholders.


Chain Reaction Blockchain Healthcare Summit will bring you some of today's most compelling and sought after thought-leaders with a proven record of leadership and innovation across the healthcare continuum.


CHAIR: Ashish Atreja, MD

Chief Innovation Officer, Medicine

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


Munther Baara

Head of New Clinical Paradigm



Suzanne Belinson

Executive Director

Blue Cross Blue Shield


F. Dario de Martino

Co-Chair, Blockchain + Smart Contracts

Morrison & Foerster LLP


Wesley Donohoe

VP, Product

One Medical Group


Daniel Durand

Chairman & VP, Clinical Strategy

Lifebridge Health


Mike Edelhart

Managing Director

Social Starts


Mark Elenowitz

CEO & Founder

TriPoint Global Equities, LLC


Lou Ferrara

Blockchain & AI Corporate Advisor


Mark Graves, Jr.

Co-Founder, CEO, CTO



Basker Gummadi, MS, PMP, PgMP

Blockchain & Innovation Lead

Bayer Healthcare


Shwen Gwee

General Manager, Digital Accelerator



Ahmed Hassoon

Research Associate & Scientific Project Manager

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


David Houlding

Director, Healthcare, Privacy & Security

Intel Health & Life Sciences


Donna Houlne

US Healthcare Leader

IBM Global Business Services


Joshua Ashley Klayman

Co-Chair, Blockchain + Smart Contracts

Morrison & Foerster LLP


Spencer Klein

Partner & Co-Head of the M&A and Life Sciences Groups

Morrison & Foerster LLP


Aditya Kudumala




Kate Merton


Johnson & Johnson


Ritesh Patel

Chief Digital Officer

Ogilvy Health & Wellness


Pradeep Pujari

Machine Learning Engineer



Ravi Seshadri

VP Technology/CTO Provider Solutions

Amerisource Bergen


Giles Ward


Hashed Health

Chain Reaction: Blockchain Healthcare Summit will provide attendees with access to the latest digital trends through real world applications and case-studies.

Additionally, the Summit will draw from cross-industry use cases in customer-facing applications that can be used to inspire or drive solutions unique to the healthcare industry.

Incorporate Blockchain Technology to Enhance Service & Operations

Learn how to protect patient identity, trust & care with blockchain technology.

Data Interoperability & Security Potential

Explore how to manage clinical trials data & electronic medical records while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Building a Patient-centric Healthcare Ecosystem

Examine how blockchain is transforming the patient experience.


Inspiring Presenters


Impactful Sessions


Expected Attendees

Who Should Attend?

Chain Reaction: Blockchain Healthcare Summit will be an invitation-only event for senior executives involved in:

  • Biotechnology

  • Health Care Technology

  • Hospital Systems

  • Insurance

  • Medical Devices

  • Pharmaceutics

  • Regulation


*Agenda is subject to change.

Breakfast & Registration


Welcome Remarks

  • Spencer Klein, Partner & Co-Head of the M&A and Life Sciences Groups, Morrison & Foerster LLP


Chairs’ Opening Remark

Our Chair will lay the groundwork for how we will provide an evidence-based exploration of Blockchain applications for the healthcare community.
  • Ashish Atreja, Chief Technology Engagement & Innovation Officer, Mt Sinai Hospital


Opening Session: Blockchain Opportunities for Patient Data Donation & Clinical Research

Clinical research is the foundation for medical innovation that can positively impact patient lives, yet significant barriers exist that inhibit the secure and efficient sharing of patient information. Through blockchain’s unique capabilities, there exists the potential to bridge the gap and provide a new platform for patients to be incentivized to share their data to support clinical research. Deloitte & Pfizer have led interactive workgroups and published perspectives on this subject and will share their learnings.
  • Munther Baara, Director, Clinical Innovation, Pfizer
  • Aditya Kudumala, Principal, Deloitte


Profit Potential of Blockchain Healthcare Initiatives

In order to roll out an innovative technology, you first have to create an environment that encourages and supports organizational innovation. J&J has built a series of “Jlabs” around the country that provide spaces and resources for creative employees to explore the true value that blockchain technology offers for major healthcare organizations.
  • Katherine Merton, Head JLabs, Johnson & Johnson


Blockchain for Increased Trust in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials play a huge role in pharmaceutical approvals and access. These trials, however, have a history rife with lack of repeatability, unclear processes and inaccurate documentation. Blockchain can help streamline and secure the complex series of steps involved in conducting and sharing the results of clinical trials.
  • Basker Gummadi, Blockchain and Innovation Lead, Bayer
  • Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Digital Accelerator, Novartis
  • Mark Graves, Co-Founder, CEO, CTO, MyIRE
  • Joshua Ashley Klayman, Co-Chair, Blockchain + Smart Contracts, Morrison & Foerster LLP
  • Moderator: Mike Edelhart, Managing Director, Social Starts


Networking Break


Provider Licensure & Credentialing with IBM Blockchain

As care becomes more digitally connected, traditional geographic boundaries are beginning to blur. Tele-health, remote specialty consults, and the growing desire of consumers to seek out the best possible value no matter where that care is centered have made it more common for providers and consumers to collaborate across health systems or state lines. For payers and providers, the financial imperative to keep patients in-network and prevent leakage in the era of value-based care adds an additional layer of complexity to the problem of managing credentials, ensuring correct licensure, and keeping up with employment changes. Blockchain may offer a solution to these issues by keeping all members of the community instantly updated on where a provider is allowed to practice, whether or not she is accepting new patients, and what new affiliations she has formed. Accurately tracking providers as they move through their careers can improve patient safety, reduce frustration for consumers, allow employers to assess potential workers more completely, and possibly even prevent employee fraud or abuse.
  • Donna Houlne, US Healthcare Lead, IBM Global Business Services


Networking Luncheon


Raising Capital to Drive Blockchain for Healthcare

With over $12.5 billion raised by ICOs since their inception, and with Regulation A+ as an on ramp, the traditional venture capital raising methods seem to be continually in flux. Please join us for a compelling conversation as we explore the various alternative capital raising strategies that can be utilized by companies in the ever-evolving Blockchain space.

  • Spencer Klein, Partner & Co-Head of the M&A and Life Sciences Groups, Morrison & Foerster LLP
  • Mark Elenowitz, Founder and CEO, TriPoint Global Equities
  • Cass Sanford, Associate General Counsel, OTC Markets
  • Moderator: F. Dario de Martino, Co-Chair, Blockchain + Smart Contracts, Morrison & Foerster LLP


Innovating Responses to Diagnostic Errors

  • Ahmed Hassoon, Research Associate & Scientific Project Manager, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


Networking Break


Evaluating the Potential of Patient Data Ownership

Blockchain offers great potential in the form of patient data ownership and transparency between providers and payers. There is currently however, no precedent for getting all of the participants in a healthcare system to cooperate and collaborate on a technological rollout of this scale. This panel will discuss the promising value of increase patient data ownership as well as some of the roadblocks on the path to blockchain transformation.
  • Suzanne Belinson, Executive Director, Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Wes Donohoe, VP, Product, One Medical
  • In Conversation with: Ashish Atreja, Chief Innovation Officer, Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY


Digital Identity and the Future of Provider Credentialing

  • Daniel Durand, VP, Clinical Strategy, Lifebridge Health
  • Ritesh Patel, Chief Digital Officer, Ogilvy Health & Wellness
  • Anthony Begando, CEO, ProCredEx
  • Moderator: Giles Ward, COO, Hashed Health


A Multi-Stakeholder, Multi-Ecosystem Approach to Blockchain for Healthcare

  • Rahul Dubey, SVP, Innovation & Solutions, AHIP


Closing Remarks

  • Ashish Atreja, Chief Technology Engagement & Innovation Officer, Mt Sinai Hospital


Networking Reception


Summit Concludes


Morrison & Foerster LLP

250 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019
(212) 468-8000

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Join a cross-industry group of Blockchain leaders as we share strategies for securing the future of Healthcare.

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